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It instead teaches cruelty and disregard for life, as well as indicates your own need to be taught a lesson in responsibility.

This article is otherwise known as: Fish and Children

I thought this picture, however, should be passed around as it is the most confusing and awful thing I see in how modern society treats small animals.

This will talk about the role of children in the lives of small and large pets and how modern society treats small pets as opposed to small pets, as well as the consequences therein. Most of this is under the cut.

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scalestails aquasplendens goldfishlovingfuck gorgeousgoldies goldfishgal help!!! My fish started floating a lot today and he is almost turning upside down. At first i thought it was because he had eaten food with air but his tail has a black thing on it like its rotten or something?? Also his poop is floating. I think it might be a parasite but i dont know how to treat him or anything. I put him in a separate tank and i havent given him food since. please help!!!!

Sounds like swim bladder. Check out this link to help you. It explains what swim bladder issues are and how to Combat them
This could very likely be from keeping them in such a small tank even just for this short of a time

I don’t know anything about your tank (this is the first time I’ve seen you, HI!) but if it’s too small like aquasplendens says, your water quality might not be so great, which would explain the black spot on his tail as ammonia burn. Do you test your water regularly for Ammonia, Nitrates and Nitrites at the least? High nitrates can cause buoyancy issues that look like swim bladder problems. Water quality issues would also possibly make the fish swallow air at the surface causing floaty poops.

Aqua basically covered the swim bladder thing already and that may be it. I’m always quick to suspect water quality though. Especially when I know nothing about your fishkeeping habits. Bad water quality mimics so many things that make people run off to the store for medication when all they need is better water quality and TLC. Even in my own tanks, first thing I do with any suspicious activity is run the full gamut of water tests and do a HUGE water change.

Hello! My name is Kai and this is my other blog. I did a 50% water change yesterday and i have a chemical filter in my 6gal aquarium. I haven’t bought the kits for nitrate nitrite and amonia levels but i will asap. I am aware that my tank is WAY too small for my fish so I’m looking for a new home for them but meanwhile they will have to stay at that tank since the store conditions are even worse. Other fish in the store have the same problem and the guys that work there don’t actually know anything about fishkeeping. The sick fish is now in a separate 6gal tank by himself and i am letting him fast for 3 days then i will give him a peas diet. Thank you so much for the info on the amonia levels that could cause the fins to go black i will try and get that fixed asap. Thank you for your info and help!! I appreciate it very much.

Hello Kai!

Consider getting one (or a few, dunno how many fish you have) of those big 20-30+gallon plastic storage tote bins (not sure where you live but you can get a 30g tote at Lowes for under $12 here in the US) to keep them in until you can drop the moolah on a big tank. :). Goldfish don’t give two farts what their digs look like and it would be a cheap way to get them into a higher volume of water quickly while you save up money for a “real” aquarium or rehome them. 

On a 6g tank even with one fish, it’s going to need daily (huge, definitely more than 50%, I’d do 100%) water changes. (I would use Prime, a water conditioner that helps reduce the toxicity of bad chemicals in your aquarium in addition to removing chlorine etc from your tap water) No filter is going to keep up with such dirty fish in such a teeny tiny volume of water. I’m willing to wager that your filter is nearly useless right now past helping to aerate the water. Goldfish require a ridiculous amount of filtration. I have 2 medium/small fish in a 55g aquarium with two filters made for 70g tanks and I still want MORE FILTRATION. haha

You need to read up on the Nitrogen cycle and filtration so you can understand water quality/filtration better. aquariadise has a great fancy goldfish care sheet as well as an explanation of filtration and cycling

We just take care of the water and it takes care of the fish. Knowing about the chemistry of your tank and what you need to do to establish and maintain it is the most important part of keeping your fish healthy. Prepare to become a water chemistry science nerd. :D

You’re so lucky to have the internet here to help you along on your goldfish journey. When I was your age I killed SO MANY FISH because I was ignorant about the proper way to care for them. I didn’t have the internet to go and get help from!

55g and 70g filtration for /two/ goldfish??? The medium sized fancy type??? Jesus my fish are like 2 inches long is that much water really necessary for him at this stage? If it is i will try fit those bucket things in my house. And I asked my dad to buy the water test kits so when i come back from school i will go test the water in both of my tanks. I’ve read the caresheet because all you fishblrs do is send me to that link omg but yes i am trying to adequate to what it says

I am definitely paranoid about my filtration haha. I think most goldfish keepers are. What I have is good enough (not saying it’s exactly what YOU have to get tho), but I’d love to have a canister filter that’s even more powerful >:) Partly due to my filtration, I have great water quality even though I can get lazy with my water changes sometimes. I’m especially lazy compared to people who do like, 90% water changes every week. I was just illustrating how goldfish keepers filter more than the average fishkeeper. We all have our opinions on types of filtration, but that’s generally agreed upon. Of all the things to skimp on in your tank, filters shouldn’t be one of them. I don’t have gravel or expensive decor and my tank and stand are second-hand but I have learned my lesson the hard way about having crappy filtration and water chemistry.

Your babies will grow fast when you get them into a good situation. They may not grow properly if you don’t give them the proper home though. 

Sorry if you’re frustrated if we all send you to the same links. It’s easier than explaining from scratch over and over to people. I admire you for wanting to take proper care of your fish and learn.

No im not frustrated at all!! I’m actually happy you all take time to help me! And i see :/ i do have a chemical filter(coal) but i want a better one maybe even a mechanic filter. Thank you for your help i will try and convince my parents to put my babies in one of those buckets

Yeah, goldfish need both biological (a good bacteria colony established) and mechanical (removing debris) filtration. Chemical filtration is the least important IMO. I don’t even keep carbon in my filters unless I need to remove medication. I think the companies that say you need to buy new filter pads every month are full of shit. The activated carbon thing, I’m convinced is just a way to get money from us and nothing more. When I had filters with those kinds of filter pads in them, I cut ‘em open and emptied the carbon out of those bitches. Then I just rinsed them off in a bucket of tank water once a month or so to remove grime. XD (never rinse your filter media in tap water, it will kill the good bacteria!) That’s why I love Aquaclear brand filters. They’re easy to customize for cheap and cost pretty much nothing to maintain.

Sending you good vibes that you get what you need. <3

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