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The Betta Halo on etsy

Now, I know this seller probably means well but c’mmmmooonnn.

Tired of Betta’s jumping out of their tank? Should have used a Betta Halo! Seriously…

Why do Betta’s Jump from their tanks?

In the wild Betta’s…

> Jump from puddle to puddle as it dries up, in hopes of finding a larger puddle.
> If another Betta enters their puddle they might be kicked out/flee

At home your Betta might jump because…

> Bad Water Conditions (Temperature, Unclean Water)
> Looking for Females
> Water Level is too high
> A new bowl (Or bowls too Small)


If you’re tired of your fish jumping from its tank bowl, maybe, I dunno, don’t keep it in a bowl? Maybe question your fishkeeping practices?

This thing is $20+ $3 shipping in the US. +$10 shipping if you’re outside the US. 

MUCH more suitable homes can be found for around the price of JUST that hunk of acrylic. Factor in the cost of the bowl and maybe some overpriced decor and you can do a bit better. Geeze people…

I gotta wonder how many fish this person has killed given their opening sales pitch. :/

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